Anna Morettini Prize

Anna Morettini

Stéphane THIDET   "Preparatory sketch (Solitaire)"

2016, ink and watercolor on paper

The prize


Thanks to the support of the Etrillard Foundation, the winner of the Anna Morettini Prize will receive 20,000 euro in addition to major visibility through an exhibition of his or her work in Florence and Paris.


For its first edition, the Anna Morettini Prize will be assigned by highly esteemed members from the world of art and culture. The aim is to bring forth an artist whose work demonstrates a close look at Florence, the Florentine Renaissance and the questions that one can find in contemporary art. The winner will receive a sum of 20,000 euro and his or her work will be exhibited both in Paris and in Florence.


The first edition of the Anna Morettini Prize is dedicated to “Savonarola’s Universe”—a reflection on the complex relationships that he created with the Florentine artistic tradition.

In the debate in which the Middle Ages and the Renaissance confront one another, the figure of Girolamo Savonarola and his destiny, meteoric and tragic, is a paradox: was he a sincere predicator who wanted to establish a “sanctified city beloved by God” in Florence, following the theologians of the Middle Ages? Or was he an aspiring dictator who aimed at suffocating free speech and liberty in one of the most brilliant cities in Italy? Was he a fanatic who despised the world, its pleasures, life and, above all, Renaissance art? Or was he a passionate protector of an ideal of purity and equality?

This personality might inspire candidates to thoroughly reflect on vanity and its role in artistic creation, on representations of art and power, on how this same fact of being forbidden can have a positive result on Florentine artistic production.

All artists’ points of view should reflect the declaration of love that this Prize is for Florence.

Anna Morettini Prize


Article 1 Presentation

In collaboration with the Etrillard Foundation, the Prize will be awarded by Anna Morettini in 2017.

Article 2 Place and date

The Anna Morettini Prize will be announced during the first trimester of 2017 in Florence

Article 3 Objective

The aim is to reward an artist who has strong intellectual and artistic bonds with the city of Florence. Inspired by the year’s specific theme, the candidate will present an artwork which expresses a contemporary interpretation of an historic subject.

Article 4 Prize

The winner will receive a prize of 20,000 euro and his or her work will be promoted in Paris and Florence through an exhibition in the headquarters of the Friends of the Etrillard Foundation Associations.

Article 5 Participation restrictions

Because the jury wants to nurture emerging talents, it will focus its attention on the candidacies of artists under 45 years old. All traditional artistic techniques, as well as new media, are accepted.

Article 6 Participation terms and procedure

The registration form will be available online beginning Monday, 16 May, 2016 on the website

Applicants must return the signed and duly completed application form to the headquarters of the Friends of the Etrillard Foundation Association.

Forms must be submitted via registered mail, with a return receipt, addressed personally to Anna Morettini; Via Pian dei Giullari, 68 - 50125 Florence and to the e-mail address (in .pdf format).

In addition to the registration form, candidates must present their full application file. All materials must be received by December 1, 2016.

Article 7 Application file materials for candidates

  • Registration form
  • Portfolio
  • Curriculum vitae (in .pdf format) with educational background and any exhibitions
  • Candidates must prove that they are represented by one or more galleries or that they have exhibited their own work in cultural institutions.
  • Copy of a personal identification document
  • HD photograph of the artwork
  • A document with a description of the artwork:
    • A technical description of the artwork
    • A presentation of the connection between the work and the theme, from the candidate’s perspective
    • Candidates will also have to highlight how the work fits into the larger Florentine artistic tradition and within their personal artistic production

The candidacy file for project detailing the work to be created in the year following the award should also include:

  • The project’s timeline
  • The budget: the artist must document production costs; in case they exceed the 20,000 euro to be awarded they must provide a proof of external funding.

Article 8 Agreement

Each competition participant grants the Etrillard Foundation free rights to reproduce the works and texts released for the Prize for possible inclusion in the catalogue, publication on the website and for other forms of communication, promotion and organization-based activities.

The documentation submitted will not be returned.

Article 9 The artist’s commitments

  • Participation implies the unconditional acceptance of all the regulations presented in this document.
  • The winner agrees to communicate about the Etrillard Foundation’s involvement in the work once it is exhibited.
  • With support from the Etrillard Foundation, the winner agrees to participate in the official artistic event in Florence, to which the press and all nominees will be invited.
  • The winner agrees to remain supportive of all Florentine associations affiliated with the Fondation Etrillard and directed by Anna Morettini for 4 years after his or her reception of the prize.
  • If a project is selected as the winning work:
    • The artist commits to finishing the work within the following year after the prize is awarded
    • The artist agrees to provide an outline of the project’s stages because the jury may set aside the full sum or divide up the prize according to the production timeline.

Article 10 Jury and selection

The selection of these works will be made by an artistic and technical judges panel composed of the director of the Etrillard Foundation and some notable experts and professionals from the cultural sphere.

The decisions of the jury are final and incontestable.

The selection


Artistic and technical jury

The selection will be made by competent individuals in the creative professions and academics:

  • Caterina Biagiotti – Director, Progetto Arte Biagiotti
  • Arturo Galansino – Director, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
  • Stefania Gori – Art Historian
  • Laurent Grasso - Artist
  • Anna Morettini – Director, Etrillard Foundation
  • Ludovica Sebregondi – Curator, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi
  • Giandomenico Semeraro – Vice Director, School of Fine Arts, Florence




  1. Download the registration form by clicking here below
  2. Fill the form
  3. Send the duly completed form with the cv and images to:
Download the registration form



The winner of the first edition of the Anna Morettini Prize is Stéphane Thidet with his installation Solitaire. Thanks to the support of the Fondation Etrillard, an exhibition of his work will be organized in Florence within a year. It will be the artist's first show in this city.

Press release

A catalogue in Italian and in English displaying the projects of the three finalists (Gli Impresari, Luigi Presicce and Stéphane Thidet) has been published by "Gli Ori". It includes a transcription of the conference about Savonarola organized by the Etrillard Foundation in Paris in June 2016, with the participation of Philippe Raynaud, Ludovica Sebregondi and Stéphane Toussaint, introduced by Philippe Trainar.

To order a catalogue, please send a mail to:

Price : 8 euros + shipping costs



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